High Gain Appendage Loaded Dipole Antenna with Corner Reflector

Keywords: Dipole antenna; wideband; appendage; corner reflector; high gain


A technique for performance enhancement of a simple wire dipole antenna at 2.4 GHz is demonstrated in this paper. Initially the operating bandwidth of the antenna is improved by extending the width followed by addition of appendages to the antenna elements. Thereafter the antenna gain in a specific direction is enhanced with the use of metallic corner reflector with 900. The antenna bandwidth (-10 dB) is improved up to 30.63% with the appendages. The proposed corner reflector is composed of two conducting plates at an angle of 900. The corner reflector is placed at a specific distance from the antenna and the corresponding parametric study is also included in the paper. With the inclusion of the corner reflector the gain is increased up to 32dB in the desired frequency band. Besides, directivity of the antenna is also enhanced. The proposed antenna being a high gain antenna is suitable for various wireless communication applications.


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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


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