Sustainability Assessment and Reuse Feasibility of Stabilized Legacy Waste in West Bengal, India: A Circular Economy Transition Perspective

  • Nabanita Ghosh Jadavpur University
Keywords: Municipal solid waste, Legacy waste, Biomining, Circular Economy, Land reclamation, Soil-like material


Present solid waste management policies around the world demand higher recycling and reuse rates. Thousands of uncontrolled dumpsites existing worldwide either under operating or closed condition are deemed not only to be the major sources of environmental pollution and nuisance but also occupying prime land that could be used for other purposes while containing useful materials. Reclamation of the dumpsites containing massive share of residual garbage is therefore an environmentally sensitive issue that continues to be confronted by developing nations, particularly by local metropolitan authorities in India. To address this problem, one scientific technique, i.e., the biomining approach, which refers to digging and shifting legacy garbage from dumpsites and recycling or creating energy from recovered materials, reclaiming land space, and rehabilitating/redeveloping contaminated sites could be explored. The article presents a review on feasibility studies carried on dumpsite mining operation specifically to recover legacy waste and its reuse. Assessment of sustainability of biomining process in terms of not only the direct costs and revenues but also social benefits is discussed in details under the purview of the present study.


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Author Biography

Nabanita Ghosh, Jadavpur University

Environmental Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering


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